PLASTFARM company is prepared for co-operation in order to create the highest standard containers for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

We are fully prepared for providing complex client service at each cooperation stage, from needs estimation through professional technical counselling, designing, manufacturing and obtaining certificates for finished products.

By using the latest generation injection moulding machines we can guarantee the highest quality of our products. Production sterility, workmanship precision, ideal repeatability and an easy production profile change are the features thanks to which we can cope with the most difficult challanges posed by our clients.

The most modern technological thought is employed in the production of our articles. We produce the containers in any sizes and shape for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food products according to our client's design. We can also design the container by ourself to meet the desired constructional and technological requirements.

Our containers are made of the best quality PP and PE. We propose of 45 ml, 65 ml, 80 ml and 100 ml.

Containers have lids with guarantee rings in several types::

  • with damper
  • with drying mean fine-cristalline
  • with drying mean granulated.




lid with punching perfect for the product image
guarantee protection that insures tightness
damper protection against damage
drying means that insures full asepsis of the product

On the smooth lid surface of our container we are able to emboss a logo or a product sign, which will enhance the prestige and quality of the article

We also offer syrup feeders in any capacity with the scale specified by the recipient.

Advantages of our containers are as follows:

  • tightness
  • inconsiderable force necessary to break the safety-lock
  • antistatic dye 11045 WHAIT AS type from AMPACET
  • highest product quality through the use of an injection method
  • computer production process register allowing the monitoring of product quality
  • full and precise production repeatability allowing the maintenance of equal standards thought the entire production.

The containers have the Trade Certificate issued by the Institute of Pharmacy and the National Institute of Hygiene.

They are marked by the accordance symbol CE